31.10.2017 News

English Philology Research Seminar Monday 6 Nov at 3 p.m. sharp in HU207

The next meeting of the English Philology Research Seminar this autumn takes place on Monday 6 Nov at 3 p.m. (sharp) in HU207.

3.10.2017 News

Doctoral defence (Annamari Martinviita) 13 Oct 2017

Annamari Martinviita will defend her doctoral thesis on Friday, 13th October, 2017 at 12 in KTK112 (Kaljusensali, Linnanmaa).

13.9.2017 News

Recognition of prior learning RPL (AHOT)

Applications for RPL/AHOT (recognition for prior learning) are now submitted through an online service at

11.9.2017 News

010141P Työelämätaidot course for humanities students

The Faculty of Humanities offers a course Työelämätaidot  (5 study points) this autumn for all humanities students (in Finnish).

11.8.2017 News

Alumnien urapolut

Hyvä Oulun yliopistosta valmistunut filologi!

24.4.2017 News

English Philology Summer Studies 2017

The following English Philology courses can be completed during the summer of 2017.

21.2.2017 News

Becoming an entrepreneur in the field of language services

Please join the Finnish Technical Communication Society’s (STVY) first Web Meeting of 2017, where Virve Juhola will provide us with her insights on entrepreneurship based on her journey within the

30.1.2017 News

English Philology as a minor subject

Entrance examination (sivuainekoe):

11.1.2017 News

Walk-in Study Guidance Sessions held on Fridays

English Philology offers a general Walk-in Study Guidance Session every Friday at 10-11 in HU275.

17.11.2016 News

Doctoral defence: Hilkka Koivistoinen 3rd Dec 2016 at 12 (KTK112)

Hilkka Koivistoinen will defend her doctoral thesis, Changing understandings of language learning and teaching: The perspectives of pupils, parents and future language teachers, on Saturday, 3rd De

21.8.2016 News

Orientation sessions for incoming English Philology students

Orientation session for incoming MAJOR STUDENTS of English Philology (uudet pääaineopiskelijat)

7.4.2016 News

Tentative list of courses in English Philology for next academic year

Please find below the tentative lists of courses in English Philology for autumn 2016 and 2017.

29.10.2015 News

Doctoral defence (Jenni Virtaluoto) 30th Oct 2015 at 12 (KTK112)

Jenni Virtaluoto will defend her doctoral thesis, Technical communication as an activity system: a practitioner's perspective,  on Friday, 30th October, 2015 at 12 (KTK112)

14.5.2015 News

Courses 2015-2017

Please find below the course descriptions for English Philology in the new curriculum.

17.4.2015 News

Thesis into Laturi


16.3.2015 News

Information on the transfer from the old to the new curriculum

INFORMATION SESSION for students in English Philology on the transfer from the old to the new curriculum Mon 23rd March, 2015 10:15-11 HU205

12.12.2014 News


The new curriculum in English Philology will be in force from 1st August, 2015.

6.8.2014 News

Teaching schedule & Sign up for courses

The teaching schedule for English Philology for the autumn term will be made visible in WebOodi on Friday 29th August, 2014.

31.7.2014 News

The teaching schedule and sign up for courses

Please observe that the information on the teaching schedule of English Philology may be incorrect in WebOodi and the official sign up for our courses will not start until mid-August.

30.4.2014 News

Instructions for summer courses 2014 (English Grammar 1 and English in Finland)

English Grammar 1: Summer 2014 The course “English Grammar 1" can be taken during the summer as an online course in Optima.

19.2.2014 News

Results of the international evaluation of research RAE2013 at Oulu University

The Research Community COACT (Complexity in (inter)action: towards an of understanding of skilled multimodal participation) headed by Elise Kärkkäinen, with Pentti Haddington and Leena Kuu

18.11.2013 News

Afinlandia Prize awarded to Elina Tapio

Tutkijatohtori Elina Tapiolle Afinlandia-palkinto 2013

15.8.2013 News

Germaanisen filologian lähtötasokoe

Germaanisen filologian sivuainekoe järjestetään keskiviikkona 28.8. klo 9-12 (kirjallinen osio, jonka jälkeen haastattelu) salissa HU 205.