From the left: Antti Kamunen, Sylvaine Tuncer, Pentti Haddington and Anna Vatanen


Pentti Haddington, Professor of English Philology, is interested in the relationship between language and gesture. He has studied interaction in mobility, and contributed to the rising interest for multitasking and multiactivity.

Postdoctoral researchers:

Sylvaine Tuncer (2015-2017), PhD in Sociology, studies language-in-interaction as a means to develop a praxeological approach of work in sociology, at the crossroads of institutional CA, ethnomethodological studies of work, and workplace studies.

Anna Vatanen (2017-2019), PhD in Finnish Linguistics, studies the use of grammar, prosody, embodied activity and timing in interactional meaning-making. She is interested in cross-linguistic comparison and works on both Finnish and Estonian data.

PhD student:

Antti Kamunen is interested in how social participants use their body, gaze and gestures in/for interactional multitasking. The methodologies he uses in his research are multimodal conversation analysis and gesture studies, and his data consist of audio-video recordings of various interactional situations in everyday and institutional settings.

Research assistant:

Noora Kela wrote her Master’s Thesis on the occurrence of noticings and subsequent narratives in a mobile outdoor setting. She is interested in how participants make use of embodied and verbal resources.



Prof. Charles Antaki, Loughborough University

Prof. Mathias Broth, University of Linköping

Dr. Eric Laurier, University of Edinburgh

Prof. Gene Lerner, UCSB

Prof. Lorenza Mondada, University of Basel

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